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Bayboro Harbor

The outlet of Booker Creek is located here, at Bayboro Harbor. This is the lowest point in the watershed where Booker Creek meets the waters of Tampa Bay.

Currently, a number of marine industry businesses are located on the shore, including shipyards, boat dealers, fishing boats, and a marina. The U.S. Coast Guard also has a base at the mouth of the harbor where it docks the USCG Cutter Joshua Appleby.

The fun doesn't stop here though! As a Watershed Watcher, you can continue your journey and visit the Tampa Bay PORTS website to get real-time data from buoys around Tampa Bay! You can also check out the USF COMPS website to see what conditions are like in the Gulf of Mexico on the West Florida Shelf!

Congratulations! You've officially completed the Booker Creek Watershed Excursion! Now you have a better understanding of what a watershed is and what can impact watershed health.