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3 Pinellas County beach renourishment projects on hold

A lack of easements is why the Army Corps of Engineers said the project can not move forward at this time.

PINELLAS COUNTY – Three beach renourishment projects in Pinellas County are coming to a halt.

The county has been working with the Army Corps of Engineers on Sand Key, Long Key, and Treasure Island to add more sand to stop shoreline erosion and provide more protection for buildings nearby in a storm.

The Army Corps of Engineers is drawing a line in the sand requiring the county to provide 100% of the easements in order to move forward with the project. That means all the property owners, hotels, and condos on the stretch of the project have to provide a perpetual easement, signing over access to their land.

The word perpetual is a big hold-up for many private property owners.

They have 48% right now, which is ultimately why the project is at a standstill.