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New hurricane sirens ready to alert Pinellas County Coastline when it’s time to evacuate

INDIAN SHORES – Hear the roar, hit the door. Indian Shores leaders are sounding the alarm when it comes to mandatory hurricane evacuations.

New hurricane sirens are now in place in the beach community and are ready to warn people on Pinellas County’s coastline when it’s time to leave their homes and businesses.

Indian Shores leaders spent Friday afternoon testing out the new sirens. Come a major hurricane, they hope the sirens will save lives.

“It is extremely important that when you’re told to leave the island, you leave the island,” explained Indian Shores Police Chief Richard Swann.

Chief Swann said the new hurricane sirens will only sound when a mandatory evacuation is called and when you hear them, it’s time to get up and go.

“They are to make sure there is no doubt that when an evacuation is ordered, you hear these sirens, it’s time to leave,” he added.