Water-Related News

City of St. Pete reprises &lsdquo;Sensible Sprinkling” program

St. Petersburg water customers with operating in-ground sprinkler systems using potable, reclaimed or well water can now get a free check-up on their sprinkler system from the City of St. Petersburg.

The Sensible Sprinkling Program is back for a limited time. The free program helps customers get the most out of their sprinkler system and use their water most efficiently with the help of a local expert.

Eligible customers will receive, for no charge:

  • Sprinkler system evaluation with site-specific recommendations
  • Diagram of their sprinkler layout
  • Installation of a rain sensor
  • Automatic shut-off hose nozzle
  • Water conservation tips

“Water conservation is a team effort,” says Chris Claus, the Water Conservation Coordinator for the City of St. Petersburg. “We all play a role in helping to conserve St. Pete’s precious water resources. Small everyday changes, like irrigating efficiently, can make a big difference.”

To sign up for the Sensible Sprinkling Program, customers can email SensibleSprinkling@stpete.org  or call 727-892-5611 to request the application.

The Sensible Sprinkling Program is one of several ways the City of St. Petersburg helps residents conserve water and save money on their utility bill. The City offers free workshops, rebates and resources to help customers be more water wise. More information about the Sensible Sprinkling Program and other offerings can be found at stpete.org/WaterConservation.