Water-Related News

St. Pete is relaunching its Rainwater Rebate program

The City of St. Petersburg has relaunched its Rainwater Rebate Program.

St. Pete stormwater utility customers may be eligible for rebates when they install rainwater catchment devices such as rain barrels, rain totes or rain gardens that help conserve potable (drinking) water.

  • Rain Barrel: $50 rebate
  • Rain Tote: $100 rebate
  • Rain Garden: $100 rebate

Collecting rainwater from 1,000 square feet of roof during a 1/2” rain can yield about 300 gallons of water to be used for watering lawns and landscaping. This not only conserves potable (drinking) water, but also reduces the amount of stormwater runoff from the property.

In order to receive a rebate, St. Petersburg utility customers must attend a Rainwater Guardian Workshop and meet other qualifying criteria. Workshops are free and pre-registration is required. Workshop schedule can be found at stpete.org/WaterWorkshops.

Customers may even receive a free rain barrel upon completion of a Rainwater Guardian Workshop.

Any questions, email RainwaterRebates@stpete.org or call 727-892-5611. For detailed information, program documents can be found at stpete.org/WaterPrograms.

Additional water conservation rebates, workshops and resources are available at stpete.org/WaterConservation.