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Clam Bayou has a new ‘Litter Gitter’

A cage-like device floating in Clam Bayou – dubbed “litter gitter” by scientists – has one job to do: report on the amount and types of waste in Florida waterways.

The Osprey Initiative team, in conjunction with the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, deployed Clam Bayou’s “litter gitter” on Tuesday, May 4 in an effort to eventually reduce the amount of trash in the area.

It’s one of 12 marine debris collectors, roughly $2,500 each, deployed throughout Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee counties as part of the three-year Trash Free Waters Grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Tampa Bay Estuary Program was awarded roughly $500,000 for implementation of trash free water projects and research throughout the area.

“While the primary goal of the device is to collect litter, the type collected raises questions about where the debris is coming from,” said Joe Whalen, communication and outreach coordinator with the Tampa Bay Estuary Program.