Water-Related News

Pinellas County opens Citizen Information Center in advance of Dorian

Pinellas County monitoring severe weather forecast, opens Citizen Information Center

Residents are advised to review preparedness plans

Latest storm/incident developments

  • Pinellas County monitoring track of Hurricane Dorian for potential severe weather impacts.
  • It is still too early to know exactly what is going to happen, but regardless of the strength of Dorian, there is a chance for high winds, heavy rain and possible flooding to impact the area.

Pinellas County response/action

  • Citizen Information Center is open 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. for preparedness questions. Call 727-464-4333.
  • Pinellas County Public Works employees are monitoring flooding hotspots throughout the county.
  • Pinellas County is monitoring the progress of Hurricane Dorian and preparing to minimize potential impacts. The county is not currently distributing sand bags. Residents are encouraged to check with their local municipalities.
  • Find county social media updates using hashtag #PinellasDorian
  • Web updates to be posted online at www.pinellascounty.org

Advice & Information for Residents