Water-Related News

Floodplain management saves Pinellas residents big bucks

Most people don’t think about flooding until there’s a big storm heading their way, but Pinellas County residents will save more than $5 million this year on their flood insurance premiums because its floodplain management team has earned a great rating for its proactive flood risk reduction program.

Lisa Foster, who heads the team, was awarded the 2018 national award of excellence for outstanding leadership from the Federal Insurance and Mitigation Association, a division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Pinellas County participates in the Community Rating System (CRS), a voluntary program that encourages floodplain management activities that exceed minimum requirements — and then rewards communities with flood insurance rate discounts for implementing activities to help prevent negative impacts from flooding prior to a flooding event.

“Everybody lives in a flood zone – which one depends on the level of flood risk to your home,” Foster said. “Our goal is to minimize the risk of flood damage for everyone who lives here.”