Water-Related News

Seminole Water Tank Station park closed

• Site preparation work began this morning at Seminole Water Tank Station park
• Fencing will be erected within the next few weeks to protect public and site
• Deteriorating water tank station has been inoperable since 2012 and will be removed to prevent potential public safety hazard

The park surrounding the Seminole Water Tank Station is now closed as contractors hired by Pinellas County Utilities prepare the station for demolition. A pipe contractor hired by Utilities is currently locating supply lines to be capped before a demolition contractor begins work. Fencing will be installed around the perimeter of the property within the next few weeks. The station, which is owned by Utilities, has been inoperable and unneeded since 2012.

The station was once part of water distribution infrastructure operated by Utilities. It was built in the 1950s, used throughout several decades and taken out of service when new utility technology made it obsolete. However, ongoing annual maintenance costs amount to more than $13,000, compounded by deferred maintenance expenses estimated at $125,000. The demolition will save Utilities rate payers money and prevent continuing deterioration of the tower with the potential to create a public safety hazard.

Previously, the County offered the City of Seminole several opportunities to purchase or lease the property. Those options were declined, and no agreement could be reached.

Pinellas County Utilities is obligated by its financial duty to its customers to limit liability for the aging structure and recover the investment made in the land. By selling the property, Pinellas County Utilities will further uphold its duty to its customers by returning the funds to the Utilities Water Fund—a separate utility enterprise funded by water utility customers. This will help keep utility rates affordable, while ensuring the revenue can be reinvested in the utility system toward maintenance, operations and other critical services.

Demolition work is expected to be completed in November.