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Lead detected in water at Tarpon Springs High SchoolLead detected in water at Tarpon Springs High Sc

The crisis in Flint, MI has raised public awareness about the dangers of lead in drinking water.

The I-team has uncovered that students at a Pinellas County high school are taking extra precautions after high levels of lead were detected there.

“They were getting a bad taste,” said Juan Almeda, describing his sons’ reaction to the drinking water at Tarpon Springs High School.

“The water was like a yellow color. It was disgusting,” said Alecia Johnson, a Tarpon Springs High student.

Parents and students at Tarpon Springs High school have been worrying lately, after learning water at the school was contaminated with high levels of lead.

“It's a big concern when you find lead in the water,” said student Richard Chriswell.

“We're supposed to trust the water we're drinking here,” said Johnson.

“This is an issue that obviously raises a red flag to a lot of parents,” said Pinellas County Schools spokesperson Lisa Wolf.

She says discolored water was first noticed when students returned from Thanksgiving break.

Testing was done and problems were found in two areas of the school, which have older plumbing.