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Red Tide detected in southern Pinellas

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The presence of Red Tide has been detected in medium concentrations in bay waters in southern Pinellas County. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has also been reporting medium concentrations of Red Tide along the south beaches.

Red Tide is caused by higher-than-normal concentrations of the organism Karenia brevis. It can cause respiratory irritation in humans and can kill fish where it is present.

Pinellas County continues to monitor the bay waters and to work with the FWC and the Department of Health in Pinellas County, as well as other partners in the community.

A statewide Marine Fish Kill Hotline is maintained by the Fish and Waterlife Health group at the FWC. Residents who observe fish kills can call (800) 636-0511 or report them online.

Residents can view updated Red Tide status reports and track blooms online.

For more information on Red Tide and beach safety, visit  Florida Department of Health