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Pinellas keeps an eye on Tropical Storm Erika

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Pinellas County Emergency Management is keeping a close eye on the track of Tropical Storm Erika and the potential effect any rainfall may have on areas that have already experienced flooding. Any potential impact from the storm on Pinellas County would not likely occur until Sunday, Aug. 30, or Monday, Aug. 31.

To help answer residents’ questions about flooding, the county created a flood information website, to address the many aspects of flooding, including flood insurance and floodplain protection.

Because the recent rains have affected low-lying areas throughout the county, particularly the Brooker Creek area, the county also produced a special edition of the show “Prepare to Survive” to explain the factors that cause flooding issues and what the county is able to do to help mitigate some of the problems. This video can also be found on the flood information website, or on the Pinellas County’s homepage.

The 2015 All-Hazard Guide for Pinellas County is a rich resource as residents make preparations for the possibility of a hurricane in the next couple of days. From checklists to explanations of terms, the guide can help residents understand the threats and how to protect themselves, their families, their pets and their neighbors. The guide can be found online at http://www.pinellascounty.org/emergency/hurricaneguide.htm.

Residents are urged to sign up for the community notification service on the Pinellas County Emergency Management website or by calling 1 (866) 484-3264. This service allows Emergency Management to notify residents immediately when important information is available.

Even if Tropical Storm Erika has little adverse effect on Pinellas County, residents are urged to complete their plans and preparations, as hurricane season is now entering its more active period. Residents should pay particular attention to:

•    knowing their evacuation zone,
•    registering for special needs shelters and pet shelters, if needed,
•    planning for alternative options to shelters, including host homes,
•    organizing items needed in the event of an evacuation and compiling survival kits,
•    compiling important contact information,
•    reviewing plans for business preparedness,
•    preparing boats, and
•    gathering supplies for pets.

For checklists and comprehensive information on emergency preparedness, visit Pinellas County Emergency Management.

Follow Pinellas County government on Twitter and Facebook and Pinellas County Emergency Management on Twitter, updates from the county on social media will use the hashtag #PinellasErika.

Residents can look up evacuation zones with the Pinellas County “Doing Things for You” app. Pinellas County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Videos about emergency preparedness can be found on PCC-TV YouTube.

The Pinellas County “Doing Things for You” app is available for residents to report issues and access useful resources. Pinellas County can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. More information is available on the county website, www.pinellascounty.org, which features LiveChat for assistance. Pinellas County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.