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Improved water quality in the works for Pinellas County

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A new project is under construction in Pinellas County that will provide the County with more consistent water quality and reduce long-term operations and maintenance costs.

The Eldridge-Wilde Point of Connection project was planned and undertaken as a joint project between Tampa Bay Water and Pinellas County. The project includes modifying Pinellas County’s points of connection to the regional system and to the Eldridge-Wilde Wellfield, and the blending of the two supplies to ensure the County, and its customers, receive uniform quality water.

The project also includes improvements to the Eldridge-Wilde Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Facility, which removes hydrogen sulfide and its characteristic rotten egg smell from groundwater supplied to the plant. Other planned improvements include yard piping, improved chemical feed and storage and a renovated transfer pump station.

A major shutdown of the 66-inch pipeline that supplies regional water to Pinellas County was conducted Feb. 18-24. Water supply to the County was maintained during this time by using a temporary bypass of the construction area. The shutdown was completed successfully and with no water supply problems thanks to the conservation efforts of area residents during this period. Construction on the project began in March 2013 and is expected to be completed by the end of this year.