Water-Related News

Stormwater and sewer improvements are coming to Glenwood Estates neighborhood

CLEARWATER – The City of Clearwater is bringing stormwater and sewer improvements to the Glenwood Estates neighborhood. The two projects include:

  • The Smallwood Circle Drainage Improvement project will reduce flooding potential and provide water quality benefits to the area.
  • The Edgewood Sanitary Sewer Improvements project will improve the performance of the sewer system in the neighborhood by adjusting slope levels of sewer pipes between manholes.

The project affects 262 homes. Project boundaries include Drew Street to the south, Highland Avenue to the west, Palmetto Street to the north, and Orangewood Avenue to the east. Construction is expected to begin in Fall 2013.

The city will host a public meeting Thursday, July 25, 4 to 6:30 p.m., Clearwater Country Club (525 N. Betty Lane), and residents are invited to attend. Members of the city�s Public Utilities and Engineering departments and its contractors will be on-hand to talk about project details before construction starts.

Additional Contact Information

Engineering Department, City of Clearwater

(727) 562-4750