Water-Related News

Madeira Beach to work on flooding problem

By Sheila Mullane Estrada

MADEIRA BEACH – For years, residents have complained about severe flooding in their streets.

For some areas, it doesn't take a hurricane to have water lapping at their doorsteps — just a heavy thunderstorm at high tide.

Now the city is preparing to tackle the problem.

For the next six months, Madeira Beach plans to clean and do minor repairs to every stormwater outfall.

Bids for the project, estimated to cost less than $1 million, are due by May 23.

"Let's clean and maintain the outfalls for six months and see where it gets us," City Manager Shane Crawford told the City Commission last week.

Once that is done, he said the city will better be able to evaluate the most severely flooded areas.

According to a recently updated stormwater plan, it would cost more than $23 million to upgrade and repair the entire stormwater system.