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USF intern helping protect Pinellas County's watersheds

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By Bob Costigan

Danielle Passerello says she enjoyed many benefits during her internship with the Watershed Management Division, Pinellas County’s Department of Environment and Infrastructure. She also helped protect the county’s waterways through special projects.

There are a wide variety of reasons why a person may decide to do volunteer work. For some it’s simply looking to stay active after retirement. For others it’s the joy of being able to help others in their community. Or perhaps it’s having special skills and talents to share with others.

For Danielle Passerello, it began while attending the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg. Passerello’s major was environmental science and as a requirement to receive her bachelor’s degree, she had to complete a project or intern in the environmental field. With the help of the university, she became a volunteer intern for the Pinellas County Watershed Management Division, of the Department of Environmental and infrastructure.