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Local champion of frogs is "everyday hero"

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Bay News 9 profiles local residents who are "everyday heroes" in our community.

TAMPA – Everyday Hero Avalon Theisen has definitely found her niche.

The 11-year-old Tampa girl loves all things amphibious.

Frogs, snakes and other creatures fill her world with science, color and wonder.

"The Hyla cinerea Green tree frog ... is also known as the weather frog or the rain frog because big choruses can erupt after or before it rains," she states.

Avalon is also the founder of Conserve It Forward. She established the group to teach and inspire others about taking care of the earth.

"Frogs are a very important part of our environment," she says.

"They are an indicator species. They have permeable skin, meaning chemicals and gasses and pollution can all pass through it easily."

Her website, ConserveItForward.org contains information on the animals and videos of her speaking before groups.