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Tara Cay, Pinellas County at Odds Over Stormwater Drainage

CLEARWATER – It’s an ongoing issue with a lot of history, which Pinellas County says proves its case. The homeowners associations are responsible for maintenance of stormwater facilities at Tara Cay Sound in Seminole.

However, Thomas Cuba with Delta Seven Environmental Consulting says requiring homeowners to provide maintenance “is an apparently perpetual burden on private citizens to provide a public service.” Pete Yauch, director of transportation and stormwater, explained the situation to county commissioners during a Feb. 21 meeting. He also presented several letters going back to 2002, detailing specifics of an agreement with the subdivision’s developer and showing past requests from the homeowners association for help with maintenance issues.

The history goes back to the mid-1980s and 1990s during development of Tara Cay.