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Utilities Inspectors Will Inspect Reclaimed Water Connections

Pinellas County Utilities inspectors will soon be conducting re-inspections of all connections to the reclaimed water distribution system. These inspections are required by the Florida Administrative Code and are designed to protect public health and safety of the drinking water supply. The inspections ensure that there are no cross connections between the drinking water system and any other source of water, including reclaimed water.

As part of this state-mandated requirement, reclaimed water sprinkler system inspections will be occurring in the coming months, and will continue on a periodic basis. These inspections require Pinellas County inspectors to access the reclaimed water service box, potable (drinking) water meter, and potable water hose bibbs, and to conduct an inspection of sprinkler systems and hose bibb components to ensure compliance with the state law.

During these inspections, the potable water meter servicing your property will be turned off for a short period of time and your potable water hose bibbs will be opened. Residents may notice a small amount of air in the plumbing system when faucets are initially turned on after the inspection.

When reclaimed water service was initially established, the terms of service explained the importance of the county or Pinellas County Public Health Unit staff periodically entering the premises to inspect reclaimed water piping and fittings. Most inspections do not require the homeowner or resident to be home to operate their irrigation system, unless the inspector determines that a complete cross connection inspection is necessary due to system alterations made since the initial inspection.

Utilities inspectors will be in uniform and driving marked county vehicles. A tag will be left on the door with results of the inspection. If customers have questions or need additional information, please call Pinellas County Utilities Customer Service.

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