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Tampa Bay Water Selects Contractor for Reservoir Repair

Tampa Bay Water's board of directors on Monday approved contract negotiations with design-builder Kiewit Infrastructure Group to renovate the regional reservoir and increase the facility's storage by 3 billion gallons.

"The selection committee's review and the expertise of our advisory team and peer review panel give us confidence that the Kiewit proposal is a sound technical solution," said General Manager Jerry Seeber. "We believe the Kiewit proposal will address the underlying causes of the reservoir's soil cement cracking and restore full functionality."

Tampa Bay Water began the process for a fix after cracking appeared in the facility's soil-cement erosion control lining in 2006.

Tampa Bay Water staff will now work to negotiate a mutually acceptable contract with Kiewit by Aug. 1, 2011. If negotiations are unsuccessful, Tampa Bay Water will enter negotiations with the second ranked firm, Granite Construction Company.

Kiewit's proposal cost is approximately $162.4 million, of which $42 million will be used to increase the reservoir's capacity.