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Sustainable Floridian Master Volunteer Course Begins April 7th

Pinellas County Extension is launching a new program to help develop green and sustainable practices. This intensive training program will develop knowledgeable and motivated volunteers ready to support sustainable education programs at Extension.

Volunteers will share the latest, research-based green living information with the community through school programs, events, and fun outreach activities. After working with UF Extension Agents, participants earn a certificate and become Master Volunteers!

The free, seven-week course combines group discussions, weekly action exercises and resource materials. Participants will be provided with course materials, books, energy conservation devices for the home, and other products that relate to sustainable living. Each week participants will meet for a half-day session to learn about topics such as energy conservation, local foods, land use issues, water conservation, ecological footprint, and community leadership.

Additional Contact Information

Pinellas County Extension

(727) 582-2100