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Your Guide to the Pinellas County Fertilizer Ordinance

Pinellas County's fertilizer ordinance, Article XIII, Chapter 58, is intended to protect the water quality and natural habitats of creeks, lakes and marine waters that receive discharge from our stormdrain system.

The ordinance became law in January 2010 and regulates landscape maintenance practices and the sale and use of fertilizers containing nitrogen and/or phosphorus within Pinellas County. This means that homeowners, landscapers and lawn care services must adhere to specific practices as outlined in the ordinance.

Fertilizer containing nitrogen (N) and/or phosphorous (P) cannot be used on lawns or landscape plants between June 1 and September 30, because during these months Pinellas County receives frequent, heavy rainfall which washes nutrients from fertilizer into surface waters.

Violators of the fertilizer ordinance may be fined up to $10,000 per day.