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Seabird Sanctuary Needs Public's Help to Rescue Frostbitten Owls

The Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary is experiencing a high volume of birds of prey rescue calls due to extreme high winds and cold, and needs the public's help to save the birds.

Eastern screech owls are especially vulnerable to the cold; last year the Sanctuary rescued many during and after the record-breaking freeze. A high percentage that arrived at the sanctuary last year didn't survive due too much cold exposure or malnutrition.

The owls are very important to the area as they help keep the rodent and insect population, especially roaches, in check.

The sanctuary is asking the public to help by checking the grounds around their homes or businesses for injured or frostbitten birds, especially the owls. Wear gloves when picking the bird up, put the bird in a box, provide air holes and keep it warm. It is extremely important to bring the bird immediately to the sanctuary or call the rescue hotline at 727-391-6211 to see if a volunteer rescuer is available.