Water-Related News

BMP Courses Protect Pinellas County Waters

Seventy-four percent of Pinellas County waters do not meet water quality standards and are considered impaired. The Pinellas County Extension Service in cooperation with the Florida DEP sponsors a monthly Green Industry Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources program. It trains participants about proper landscape practices to keep our water clean and pristine for drinking, bathing and recreating, as well as conserving water.

Eight programs have been offered this year with a total of 277 lawn care professionals. There were 258 who passed the certification exam, a 93% passing rate. Survey responses were provided by 266. When asked if they would use proper fertilization rates and methods 79% said they would, while 18% said they already did. When asked if they would inform their clients of the best management practices for protection of water resources 81% said said they would, while 15% said they already did.

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