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Pinellas Evacuation Maps Are Changed: Know Your Zone

In response to better data in some key computer models, more than 73,000 of Pinellas County's 316,425 parcels are changing evacuation levels for the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season. Of the parcels that changed levels, 18,861 were placed in a higher surge category (e.g., level B to level C) and 54,332 were moved to a lower surge category (e.g., level D to level C).

Residents are encouraged to verify their evacuation levels before June 1. The new data can be found at Pinellas County Emergency Management and clicking the Know Your Zone tab or by calling (727) 453-3150 and entering the home's ten-digit land line phone number. This service does not work for cell phones. The information will also be available on Pinellas County Utility bills and the Truth in Millage notice sent by the Property Appraiser's office in August.

Additional Contact Information

Pinellas County Emergency Management

(727) 464-3800