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Adopt-A-Pond Program

Welcome to the Adopt-A-Pond Program page. Please take a moment to read about what's happening with the program, search our list of ponds, contact us or learn about how to join the Adopt-A-Pond Program.

AAP logoThe Pinellas County Board of Commissioners implemented a Surface Water Assessment and Fee in unincorporated Pinellas County effective October 1, 2013. The Surface Water Governance Study for Pinellas County recommended the return of the Adopt-A-Pond program as a vehicle by which Pinellas County could achieve higher functioning stormwater ponds. The Adopt-A-Pond program is funded by The Surface Water Assessment Fee.

The Adopt-A-Pond program partners with citizens to increase the functionality of their stormwater ponds to achieve benefits such as:

  • improved water quality
  • habitat restoration
  • drainage improvement
  • flood protection
  • increased environmental stewardship

A key component to a healthy stormwater pond is the removal of nuisance and exotic vegetation and the revegetation with Florida native plants. Aquatic vegetation, used to stabilize shorelines and to remove pollutants, is a vital link that helps maintain water quality. A properly planted and maintained pond will offer increased wildlife habitat, recreation areas, and improved aesthetic value.

Participants in the Adopt-A-Pond program will work together to improve their communities by designing, implementing, and maintaining a 5-year plan for their stormwater ponds. Activities can include invasive plant removal, native plantings, pond cleanup events, and neighborhood outreach and education. If you would like to learn specific steps on how to Adopt-Your-Pond you can visit the Pinellas County Website, which has information about how to form a pond group, how to create a management plan, and program policies and procedures.

Pinellas County Watershed Management staff assists groups by providing information on community grants, participates in educational events, and for unincorporated Pinellas County residents, performs site visits regarding specific complaints when possible. We offer to all citizens educational materials regarding stormwater ponds, native plants, and water quality. The annual Lakes & Ponds Education Day is held each spring with funding assistance from the City of Largo; all citizens are invited to attend. The day consists of a series of presentations on various water quality related issues, hands on display booths for different environmental organizations, and native plant giveaways when funds are available.


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Adopt-A-Pond Information

Contact Us

Note: If you are a resident outside of unincorporated Pinellas County, we've provided a link to contact numbers for all other municipalities’ stormwater departments in Pinellas County: Municipality Contact Numbers

For more information about maintaining a stormwater pond in unincorporated Pinellas County, please contact:

Pinellas County
Environmental Management Division
22211 US 19 N., Bldg. 10
Clearwater, FL 33765



Phone: 727-464-4425

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740004-01Crystal LakeFalse
739104-02Dog Leg Pond Preservation GroupFalse
740704-03Allred PondFalse
704904-04Ripple LakePine Oak LakeFalse
740104-05Brooker's LandingFalse
739205-01Seminole Vo-Ed Small PondFalse
737505-02Seminole Vo-Ed Lake FusionFalse
739905-03Lichter PondFalse
740305-04Diane TerraceFalse
741105-05Clearview LakeFalse
737805-06Baywood ParkBaywood LakeFalse
740606-01Eckerd CollegeFalse
738606-02Hewitt LakeFalse
740906-03NCountryside Pines NorthFalse
740806-03SCountryside Pines SouthFalse
741506-04Ridgecrest YMCAFalse
741606-05Homestead PondFalse
739606-06Carriage BayFalse
741406-07Natures ClassroomFalse
739806-08Winwood WarriorsFalse
739006-09Five Towns-LakeviewFalse
738806-10Mayfair WoodsFalse
741306-11Yokeley PondFalse
741706-13Three Lakes - MainFalse
741806-14Three Lakes - NorthFalse
740506-15Three Lakes - EastFalse
739506-16Canterbury ChaseFalse
738906-17Five Towns-Shoreview WestFalse
738706-18Zack's PondFalse
739406-19Gardenia LakeFalse
739306-20Lake SylviaFalse
738407-01Immanuel Chapel PondFalse
740407-02Unity Palm Harbor Pond KeeperFalse
738507-03Franklin SquareFalse
739707-04Bay Pines Civic Assoc.False
741007-05Roanoak PondFalse
741207-06Maidstone Property OwnersFalse
741907-07Sage OaksFalse
742007-08Landing WayFalse
742107-09Dolly BayFalse
742207-10Cypress TrailFalse