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Northside Christian School cleanup

Today at the park, we all had fun. We got to enjoy the beach, and saw a horseshoe crab. We picked up trash in the forrest, and enjoyed the nice memorials around the park. We saw many different anim...
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Long Bayou

The Long Bayou Watershed is located in central Pinellas County and encompasses approximately 44 square miles. Its land use is approximately 90% high density urban.  Some of the subbasins in this watershed include Lake Seminole, the Seminole Bypass Canal, the southern portion of Cross Bayou and Joe’s Creek.  This watershed receives heavy loads of nutrients from residential and industrial stormwater runoff and has fairly poor water quality.  Several watershed management plans are in effect in this area, specifically for Lake Seminole and Cross Bayou. 


Lake Seminole Website

Lake Seminole Park

Cross Bayou Website