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Northside Christian School cleanup

Today at the park, we all had fun. We got to enjoy the beach, and saw a horseshoe crab. We picked up trash in the forrest, and enjoyed the nice memorials around the park. We saw many different anim...
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The main feature of this 15 square mile watershed is a narrow stretch of the Intracoastal Waterway, connecting Boca Ciega Bay and Clearwater Harbor. Some of the water bodies in the basin include the Walsingham Reservoir, Taylor Lake, Church Creek, and McKay Creek.  The estuarine environment of the Narrows has a mixture of mangrove islands with seawall shorelines.  There are also some spoil islands, created with material from the dredging of the canal.  The Intracostal Waterway portion of the Narrows is a slow speed zone.


Millenium Park