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A Visit to John Chestnut

Northern Pinellas County heralds several parks, one being John Chesnut. I entered into John Chesnut park for a relaxing trek, it was a partial cloudy day and the sun peeked through at times. I was ...
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Clearwater Harbor

The Clearwater Harbor Watershed is bounded on the north by the Honeymoon Island Causeway and on the south by the Indian Rocks Bridge.  The total watershed area is 37.2 square miles. Land use is mostly urban, consisting of high-density residential development. Many small sub-watersheds in the northwestern region of Pinellas County drain into Clearwater Harbor, including Stevenson’s Creek and Rattlesnake Creek. Water quality is generally good; however some tributaries and areas within the watershed have poor water quality. Water quality is expected to remain stable based upon predicted growth and development within the Clearwater harbor Watershed.

Hammock Park
Honeymoon Island State Park
Caladesi Island State Park
Clearwater Marine Aquarium