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A Visit to John Chestnut

Northern Pinellas County heralds several parks, one being John Chesnut. I entered into John Chesnut park for a relaxing trek, it was a partial cloudy day and the sun peeked through at times. I was ...
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St. Joseph Sound

The St. Joseph Sound Watershed is located in the northwest-most corner of Pinellas County and spans south from the Anclote River to Stephenson’s Creek in Clearwater.  This is a very large area draining most of Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor and Dunedin, and is mostly residential.  Some of the primary waterbodies in this watershed include the Anclote River, Salt Lake, Curlew Creek and Smith Bayou.  The watershed drains out into the Sound, which is an area prolific in seagrass, habitat for many estuarine species.  While some of the inland waterbodies have been impacted by urban runoff, the water quality in the Sound itself remains good due to adequate flushing.