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Northside Christian School cleanup

Today at the park, we all had fun. We got to enjoy the beach, and saw a horseshoe crab. We picked up trash in the forrest, and enjoyed the nice memorials around the park. We saw many different anim...
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Boca Ciega Bay

The second largest drainage area of the Tampa Bay region, Boca Ciega Bay Watershed is located in the southwest portion of the County and encompasses 92 square miles, 20 of which are inland and the remainder is open water.  Tributaries in this watershed include Bear Creek and Pasadena Lake.  Boca Ciega Bay is mostly comprised of intracoastal waterways bound by seawalls; however some of the southernmost portions include vast expanses of seagrass and are known for great fishing.  Most of the drainage within the basin flows south to the mouth of Tampa Bay.  Water quality in Boca Ciega Bay is good, and there is a low potential for decrease in water quality based upon land use and expected development.

War Veterans' Memorial Park

Boca Ciega Millennium Park