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Northside Christian School cleanup

Today at the park, we all had fun. We got to enjoy the beach, and saw a horseshoe crab. We picked up trash in the forrest, and enjoyed the nice memorials around the park. We saw many different anim...
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Old Tampa Bay

Old Tampa Bay is one of the largest watersheds in Pinellas County.  It encompasses many different subbasins such as Allen’s Creek, Alligator Creek and Alligator Lake, Bishop Creek, Long Branch, and Roosevelt Creek.  The discharge from this watershed combines with the discharge from the Tarpon Bypass Canal and forms the open water portion of this watershed, spanning from Oldsmar to the North down past the Bayside and Howard Frankland Bridges, past Feathersound to the Gandy Bridge in St Petersburg. 
Because of its geographical location, the estuarine portion of Old Tampa Bay gets very little water circulation and therefore often suffers from low dissolved oxygen.

Eagle Lake Park

Phillippe Park

R.E. Olds Park