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Clam Bayou

Clam Bayou is an estuary where freshwater flows into the salty water of the bay. Here you can view hermit crabs, ducks, pelicans, nesting egrets, mangrove crabs, manatees, dolphins and a wide variety of fish. Alligators and gopher tortoises have also been spotted in this area. Be aware of oyster beds, especially at low tide.

A Nature Preserve is jointly maintained here by the City of Gulfport and the City of St. Petersburg. There are canoe/kayak launching areas on both Miriam Street South in Gulfport, and across the water on 34th Avenue South in St. Petersburg. Both launches offer crushed shell surfaces. These launches also offer access to Indian Key, part of the Pinellas National Wildlife Refuge, where you can paddle through the mangroves and observe the mangrove crabs and numerous varieties of shorebirds.

When launching, follow the shoreline to the south and under one of the Pinellas Bayway bridges. Southeast of these bridges you will see an island covered in mangroves; this is Indian Key. Be aware of motorized boat traffic in the area, especially on the weekends.

Clam Bayou Nature Preserve:
City of Gulfport: (727) 893-1067
City of St. Petersburg: (727) 893-7335

Clam Bayou Nature Preserve webpage