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Coffee Pot Bayou

Owned and operated by the City of St. Petersburg, this park offers boat ramp access at the top of Coffee Pot Bayou.

This area is a common place to find manatees, and a wide variety of fish and shorebirds. About 0.75 mile south of the launch is a bird rookery, Pelican Island, that is home to large population of pelicans, please observe from a distance. Boat traffic within this area is light because of low bridges, but can become quite heavy when entering Tampa Bay. Be aware of the channel crossings.

South of Coffee Pot Bayou is downtown St. Petersburg. Once entering the bay, St. Petersburg Pier and the Vinoy Hotel can be seen to the south. There are restaurants and a grocery store within walking distance of Coffee Pot Park, further north on 1st Street.

City of St. Petersburg Parks Administration
Telephone: (727) 893-7335