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Historic Roser Park

As Booker Creek leaves Campbell Park Elementary, it flows through Historic Roser Park, one of St. Petersburg's oldest residential neighborhoods.

Roser Park was built along Booker Creek from 1911 until the mid-1920s.  At that time, the land around Booker Creek was mostly undeveloped orange groves and dense tropical vegetation, like banana trees and palms.

The neighborhood's developer, Charles M. Roser, needed to control the waters of the creek during periods of heavy rain, so he built block retaining walls along the sides of the creek.

As the neighborhood grew, the streets were paved with brick for easier transportation. Brick was a very rare and expensive material at that time!

Today, residents of Historic Roser Park are working with the City of St. Petersburg to improve the drainage of Booker Creek and expand the outdoor museum along the creek's banks.