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Tropicana Field

Even if you've been to Tropicana Field before, you might never have noticed the small creek that runs under the entrance to the stadium—that's Booker Creek! (If you zoom in close enough on the map, you can even see the mural of the Tropicana orange with a straw in it! Can you find it?)

Even though it's surrounded by parking lots and major roads, this part of Booker Creek is full of life, including ducks, softshell turtles, herons, and killifish.

Just to give you a rough idea, almost 17,000 people attended each Tampa Bay Rays game last year! That's a lot of people, and a lot of cars, and a lot of buses, and...

You can help by remembering the watershed ethic!

Keeping this in mind, the Tampa Bay Rays installed a $250,000 native vegetation landscaping project for the area of Booker Creek that flows by the stadium.  The Rays used the project to educate residents and visitors about native vegetation and water conservation. The project was developed by the Tampa Bay Estuary Program and funded by a grant from the Pinellas County Environmental Fund(now called the Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund).