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Linear Park

The headwaters of Booker Creek are located here, in the two lakes of Linear Park. Most of this water travels over land or underground in culverts toward Tampa Bay. However, some of the water drains down through the soil as part of the water cycle.

Soil is a very important part of the watershed—it acts as a filter for the water as it drains into the aquifer.  But, that's not the only reason soil is important!  Click here to play a matching game about the roles of soil in a watershed!!

Now let's find out more about the land surrounding the headwaters of Booker Creek!

The wide roads that pass between the lakes are part of Interstate 275 (I-275), one of the major highways that cross Tampa Bay. I-275 is a major transportation route for commercial vehicles that supply and support the region's industries, including phosphate, cattle, and shipping.

The buildings south of the larger lake are the Edward White Hospital, and the small white buildings west of the lake are houses. In 2001, a park and playground were built on the north shore of the lake, where a grassy area appears on the map. The smaller lake east of the highway has a small park along its south shore. If you look closely, you can see railroad tracks and boxcars to the east of the lake.