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Wall Springs Park

Wall Springs Park's 195 acres include a historic spring once used as a spa and bathing area from the turn of the 20th century until the mid-1960s. The park includes boardwalks, nature trails, playground, a 35-foot observation tower, bike racks, drinking fountains, restrooms, parking lot, and access to the Fred E. Marquis Pinellas Trail. The area surrounding the spring has been improved, and a decorative sundial honoring the memory of former Pinellas County employee Karen Anne Edwards is a landmark at the park's north gate.

The property in and around "Wall Springs" was purchased by Charles F. Wall on February 28, 1884 and remained in his family until May 17, 1927 when the property was sold to Harry W. Davis. It then became known as "Health Springs" and was used as a health spa. When the property was purchased by the Cullen Family on February 6, 1948 the spring name changed back to "Wall Springs" and the area was used as a recreational area until the mid-1960s.

Plant Species Found In The Park:

  • Slash pine, sand pine, longleaf pine, eastern red cedars, saw palmetto, black and red mangrove, live oak, sand live oak, turkey oak, southern magnolia, wax myrtle, and prickly pear cactus

Wildlife Routinely Observed Within The Park

  • Gray squirrels, fox squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, opossum, river otters, coyotes, loons, pelicans, herons, ibis, egrets, vultures, ospreys, eagles, wood storks, doves, owls, red-bellied and pileated woodpeckers, roseate spoonbills, snakes, gopher tortoise, various fish, marine invertebrates, and butterflies

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