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Alligator Creek - Flow Data By River Segment

The table below shows water quality and/or hydrology information for this river at the individual reach segment level. Reach codes are unique identifiers maintained for each river and stream segment. The map viewer designed to display this information has been temporarily disabled due to performance issues. Until a more reliable alternative is implemented, please download the hydrography GIS data directly via the Advanced Mapping Tool and query the reach segments via a standalone GIS application such as ArcGIS Explorer.

Reach ID Data Source Station Latest
Date Historic
Historic Range Graph Trend
03100206000417 USGS_NWIS 02307668 3.4 cfs 9/18/2019 5 cfs 0 - 189 cfs Graph Trend
03100206000250 USGS_NWIS 02307671 2.9 cfs 10/4/2009 10 cfs 0 - 272 cfs Graph Trend
03100206000250 USGS_NWIS 02307674 9.6 cfs 9/18/2019 13 cfs 0 - 465 cfs Graph Trend
*Negative values indicate backward flow due to tidal influences

To download data, visit the Data Download Tool in the Research section of the Pinellas County Water Resources Atlas.

To view data spatially, visit the Interactive Mapping Application of the Pinellas County Water Resources Atlas.

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