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Crystal Watershed Modeling Report2012doc_html0U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1023179This report documents the development and calibration of the Crystal watershed model that will be used to simulate watershed flows, temperature, dissolved oxygen, sediment, and nutrient loadings entering Florida estuaries. The Crystal watershed is located on the west coast of Florida, from Citrus south to Pinellas County, and has a mix of forested, wetland, agricultural, and urban land with flat topography. Most of the developed land is located in southern portion of the watershed.
Dissolved Oxygen and Nutrient TMDL for McKay Creek Tidal Segment, WBID 16332015doc_html0Florida Department of Environmental Protection1023178This report presents the Total Maximum Daily Loads for nutrients and dissolved oxygen (DO) for the tidal portion of McKay Creek, located in the Anclote River/Coastal Pinellas County Planning Unit, which in turn is part of the larger Springs Coast Group 5 Basin. The TMDLs establish the allowable loadings to the tidal segment of McKay Creek that would restore the waterbody so that it meets its applicable water quality criteria for DO and nutrients.
Fecal Coliform TMDLs for McKay Creek Tidal (WBID 1633) and McKay Creek (WBID 1633B)2012doc_html0Florida Department of Environmental Protection1022555This report presents the Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for fecal coliform bacteria for the tidal and freshwaters segments of McKay Creek, located in the Springs Coast Basin. These TMDLs establish the allowable fecal coliform loading to the McKay Creek tidal and freshwater segments that would restore these waterbodies so that they meet their applicable water quality criterion for fecal coliform.
Hydrodynamic Modeling Report for the Big Bend Estuary Systems2012doc_html0U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1023180This is a report on the application of the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Model, an advanced three-dimensional surface water modeling system for hydrodynamic and reactive transport simulations of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, wetland systems, estuaries, and the coastal ocean, to the Florida Big Bend model runs along the Gulf coast from Apalachicola Bay in the west to Clearwater Harbor in the east. The modeling was performed in support of TMDL development for Big Bend Estuary System surface waters.
Hydrogeology and Analysis of Aquifer Characteristics in West-Central Pinellas County, Florida1999doc_pdf1435U.S. Geological Survey1014912Report presents study results that evaulated brackish-water resources underlying the Walsingham Park study area in west-central Pinellas County.HydrogeologyAnalysisAquiferWestCentralPinellas.pdf2Pinellas