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TitleDateTypeSize (KB)Publishing OrganizationToolsIDDescriptionURL
1879 Nautical Chart of Tampa Bay1879doc_pdf5889U.S. Geological Survey1015278An 1879 nautical chart of Tampa Bay (Coast Chart No. 77). The chart includes historic shoreline, depth soundings, and bathymetric contour lines.129_1879chart_tampa.pdf2Pinellas
Florida Gulf Coast Red Tide1955doc_pdf1478.1University of Florida1007150Red tide organism, damage, distribution, eradication, and causes.433_Florida%20Gulf%20Coast%20Red%20Tide.pdf2Pinellas
Historical and Prehistorical Record of Tampa Bay Environments2005doc_pdf473.4U.S. Geological Survey1015683Article about research performed by Eckerd College and USF to assess anthropogenic changes in Tampa Bay, using data obtained from sediment cores taken from the bay bottom.OFR_2005-1016_Edgar.pdf2Pinellas
History of the Cross Bayou Canaldoc_pdf3091.3Various7619Compilation of historical information on the history of the Cross Bayou Canalcrossbayouhistory.pdf2Pinellas
Hydrologic Aspects of Freshening Upper Old Tampa Bay, Florida (1972)1972doc_pdf2694.7Florida Department of Natural Resources1019405Study done during the investigation phase of a proposal to dam off Old Tampa Bay to create a freshwater lake, that portion north of the present-day Courtney Campbell Causeway. Its purpose was to use hydrologic data from 1966-69 determine whether adequate freshwater would flow into the proposed lake from surface and groundwater sources and to evaluate the plan's probably hydrologic effects.Mann_hyrologic.pdf2Pinellas
Impact of Dredging in the Tampa Bay Estuary, 1876-19761976doc_pdf3884.7Lewis III, Roy R., The Coastal Society1015660During the last 100 years four major types of dredging have impacted the bay: channel deepening, maintenance dredging, shell dredging, and dredging for landfill construction.Impact%20of%20Dredging%20in%20the%20Tampa%20Bay%20Estuary,%201876-1976.pdf2Pinellas
Lake Tarpon Information CenterorgLake Tarpon Information Center5527Provides information including water quality, recreation, photos, information for residents and a history of Lake Tarpon.
Mining of Submerged Shell Deposits: History and Status of Regulation and Production...1975doc_pdf1890.5Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute1018294Traces the history of shell dredging and its regulation from its inception in the early part of the century until 1975. In 1923 governmental monitoring began, and royalties were paid to the state. Millions of tons of shells, mostly oyster, were harvested from beds in waters off every coast of Florida.Mining%20of%20Submerged%20Shell%20Deposits%20History%20and%20Status%20of%20Regulation%20and%20Production.pdf2Pinellas
Red Tide Report, 19541954doc_pdf3075.5U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1015783Progress report on the cause of the mortality of fish along the west coast of Florida.Red%20Tide%201954.pdf2Pinellas
Red Tide Studies from Pinellas to Collier Counties 1963-1966, A Symposium1966doc_pdf6568.4Florida Board of Conservation Marine Laboratory1007155Red tide studies from Pinellas to Collier Counties 1963-1966, A Symposium.RedTideStudiesPinellasCollier1963_66.pdf2Pinellas